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Story time. A Scandinavian design label with the mission to create beautiful interior details that inspire you to live your beautiful life. Established in 2021 by designer PetroNella Edwardzon, selling sustainable made to order art & interior details designed & handmade in Stockholm.

PetroNella has 7+ years of experience working in the marketing field for major IT corporations as well as in fashion & beauty. But ever since being in her teenage years the majority of her free time has been spent designing & creating for fun, everything from interior pieces to fashion. Finally she got the courage to just start, she stopped waiting for everything to be perfect & all figured out, & Neutrals | Designs was born. Today I am so grateful for taking action on my dream, developing & learning along the way as well as enjoying the journey. My main mission is to create design that inspire my customers to live their dreams. All pieces have been named after affirmations - positive statements to remind you every day how beautiful life is, & how beautiful you are in your uniqueness.

The space you’re in affects your headspace - make it beautiful.

Abstract shapes & patterns in a neutral color palette is our signature. We aim for that dreamy, calm & inspirational feel. All pieces are one of a kind since they are handmade, unique just like You. Quality design sustainably made on demand, meaning we create once ordered, we do not keep any unused stock. Let us contribute to your interior space & create the environment & energy you love to be surrounded by.

With love ♥︎

PetroNella Edwardzon, Founder & Designer