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The Tiny Collection | I Am Abundant
The Tiny Collection | I Am Abundant

The Tiny Collection | I Am Abundant

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A smaller 3D abstract acrylic art piece to hang on wall by itself or together with other Tiny:ies, can also favorably be used as a decor piece in your book shelf, on the coffee table or however you would like to style it in your space.

Every piece is handmade once ordered, meaning each piece will have its own details & characteristic, no piece is exactly like the main collection (product images) or like another piece of the same design. They are all one of a kind originals! You can customize your piece with the color of your choice & if you would like the brand label on the front or the back.

Size: 15 x 15 cm
Delivery: 2-4 weeks, handmade & on demand takes a little extra time ♥︎
Affirmation: The art piece is named "I Am Abundant" as a reminder for the observer to see how rich life is. The more you appreciate what you have, materialistic & non-materialistic, the more you will recieve ♥︎