The Globe Collection | I Love To Smile

The Globe Collection | I Love To Smile

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The globe decorations are the extra decor piece you need & can be styled however you would like - in your favourite vase, alone in your bookshelf, on top of your coffee table books - limitless options! The globe decorations comes in a set of two.

Every piece is handmade once ordered, meaning each piece will have its own details & characteristic, no piece is exactly like the main collection (product images) or like another piece of the same design. They are all one of a kind originals! You can customize your piece with the color of your choice & if you would like with or without the brand label.

The product images are showing matte white with label.

Size diameter: 7 cm
Delivery: 2-4 weeks, handmade & on demand takes a little extra time ♥︎
Affirmation: The globe decor pieces are named "I Love To Smile" as a reminder for the observer to keep on smiling, the world will smile back at you ♥︎